I am an amateur photographer that enjoys taking photos mostly of sports, but I guess I will take photos of just about anything. Although shooting sports sometimes gets me the best seat in the house. As most photographers, I am looking for that one photo that has that real wow factor. I also like to share my photos. I hope others can enjoy them as much as I do taking them. There is not much fulfillment in taking photos and putting them on a hard drive and not being viewed. If I get one photo of a kid playing sports or another activity and they can use it for a Facebook profile, a picture or a family has pictures of their kids growing up playing sports that‘s very special. I love to share the photos of family vacations or a special occasion, so the memories live on. I think the best way to learn how to take good photos is to take a lot of them and try new setting and styles. This is the reason I have set this website up to share my photos and display them to be viewed.

All the photos are free to download for everyone’s enjoyment; of course I will almost always accept donations to put towards buying better lenses to take better pictures for everyone’s enjoyment. ENJOY THOSE PHOTO’S!!!
I just ask if any photos are used other than for privet use you give me credit for taking the photo and do not alter it.